Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tricky Thursday - A trip to the vet

Hi everyone. As you all know I got very sick and had to take a small break from tweeting and blogging. It wasn't that long at all. I just had to go to the vet (Ah! I know. Horrible) I can't stand the vets. They scare me so much. But I still had to go because I wanted to feel better. Once we got there the vets took us right in because they could tell I was sick. And because we had an appointment telling them so anyways. When we got in the vets found out what was wrong with me about 10 minutes later. I had a 24 hour virus and it lasted the whole 24 hours. The sickness made things look much worse than things really were. I got medicine to help me stay better and I'm feeling more like myself already.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to all of you out there. Yes I did go through all of the @replies, comments, and dms. You are all great pals. Everyone was sending me get well wishes and everyone was so nice to me about the situation. Thanks, you guys are great!
And now, I'd like you to meet my new newsreporter that I hired. His name's Clukoo and he will be giving you some important information that I learned at my trip to the Vets.

"Hello everyone. My name is Clukoo. As you all know Smokey went to the vet and we have some news to tell you. A 24 hour virus is going around for animals. If your animal is throwing up, unnormal stool, and is just not acting as himself, contact your local vet ASAP. It's not a deadly disease or anything but we all know how those annoying 24 hour Viruses are and don't want our animals to suffer with it. Thank you all. This has been Clukoo's news, signing out."


  1. so glad smokey feels better

  2. So glad Smokey is feeling better! XoXo

  3. Oh Smokey, I'm so glad to hear that ur gonna b OK. And thanks 4 the info. on the mean 24hr. virus. This is ur Twitter furiend, QueenOreo:)

  4. so glad you are feeling better Smokey - where do you live? We haven't heard about this virus in Tennessee

  5. Oh, Smokey. I am so glad you are feeling better and that it was over in 24 hours. Thanks Mr. Clucko for the information. We will be on the look out for any signs of illness.


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