Friday, July 10, 2009

Messy Kitchen

So today I went into the kitchen and there's a chair near the counter so I got on the chair and got onto the counter. I made a mess up there though.

Give me a break! There was a bowl of candy and I just had to have it. So I got the lid off somehow when mama wasn't looking and knocked it over to dig in it.

And what did I do while mom picked up my mess? I sat there with a hug smirk on my face.

Oh and everyone! I made myself a blogster account too. Please check it out here:


  1. LOL last picture

  2. what is a dogster??

  3. Candy is good. It is not your fault. How could you help it?

  4. BOL! Good job! too much sweet not good though.
    what a nosekissable nose you got there :o)
    Oh I just sent a request to be your pal on dogster *wink*

  5. You're a rotten chihuahua:) the kind my MamaBear likes the me...I bet we would be pals. I'll check you out on Dogster

  6. I think this is cute and that the last
    picture is my favorite.



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