Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

Hi everyone. Today I got tagged by Cupcake (Cupcake_Bear). By the way, thanks so much Cupcake! First off, here's my five facts.

Fact One: I have had a near death experience.
Fact Two: Chewing on stuff is my favorite hobby.
Fact Three: I am a very entergetic dog and not lazy.
Fact Four: Sometimes I can have an attitude.
Fact Five: My human's name is Alexis.

And now onto the people I tag.. (I'll be using Twitter names!)
@reesekitty,@tobyrae, @teaganthedog, @TailsofTinyTim, @thedoglilly
If you guys don't know what you do once you're tagged, here's what you do:
You have to have a blog to be tagged or else it wont work. Once you're tagged you make a blog post about it and state five facts about yourself. It can be any type of facts you would like. Then after you list your five facts you list five people you want to tag next. It can be an already tagged person if you want it to be.

I also got a badge for getting tagged, and everyone I tagged gets this badge too!

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  1. Hey, Smokey! Congratulations on the tag. It's nice to learn some interesting facts about you. Thanks for tagging me!


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