Sunday, July 26, 2009

Questions and Bark

Today I am sitting up on my throne to give you guys some good news. I'll be having a Question and Bark (Question and Answers) session! Credit for the name goes to Sockington, for I got the idea from his Question and Meow.
All you guys have to do is send me any type of question you have for me, and after I get a fair amount of questions I will answer all of them. This is going to be fun! You can send in your questions here, by Twitter, or by email. Email:
Have fun sending in questions! I'll have fun answering them.


  1. This should be fun! I'll try to think of an interesting question....

  2. Check ur email-I just sent u a few questions. Will send more as I think of them.
    Take care,
    Your Twitter pal @QueenOreo


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