Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A visit to the Vet

This morning I had to go to the vet for a checkup. I hate the vets office because they're always sticking stuff in me! So I had to get a few shots and I had to get checked for worms of course.

1.) I get checked for worms

This is my LEAST favorite part. They stick some plastic thing in my booty and it hurts! Then they check it and see if I have any worms. Last time I had worms but luckily they're out now because it wasn't like it was a major problem. I had no worms this time, meaning mama is taking good care of me so far.

2.) I get my shots

I had to get two shots, a booster shot and then another shot to prevent me getting the worms I had last time. So the shots weren't horrible, the first one I didn't even move. But the second one stung, and I cried a little but then it was all done.

So the nurse told mama that I was a very healthy dog and she was taking good care of me, so yay! Have you had your shots?


  1. ew sounds like that worm check hurt

  2. I don't like the vet either - I had to go again yesterday to get my distemper booster

  3. ive had my shots but not dog shots im a human

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  6. anonymous STOP SPAMMING THE COMMENTS!! Btw good luck with your Shots Smokey :)

  7. Please don't spam Anonymous.

  8. i said sory 4 spammin OK!!!!

  9. Oh smokey! I'm so sorry.

    I had to get a shot today and I'm not even sure what for! >:[

    I hope your okay. I love you. Woof Woof!



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