Monday, June 29, 2009

No dogs allowed?

I am VERY upset right now. Why? Because, today my mama went to the bookstore. She goes all the time and I feel left out. So today I decided to play the classic guilt trip on her. Cry, beg, you know the drill. So she finally gave up and I got to go with her on her visit to the bookstore! I was so happy. Then that went straight down.

So we made it to the bookstore, and my mama opens the door holding me and then the lady goes.. here it comes.. "No dogs allowed!" I was very upset with her and I could have bit her face off. I may be little but I am NOT a whimp. So I had to wait outside all that time. Can you believe that? And there was even a "NO DOGS ALLOWED" hung up on the window. I am going to start a petition! Dogs should be allowed to go anywhere they want. This is not right. We are just like humans, we have feelings! Do any of you agree?


  1. Woof Woof! I sign the petition!

  2. that is just mean

  3. I go pretty much everywhere with my mom - even if it says "no dogs allowed" mom just plays stupid, [old, blonde, southern so it's easy] if someone says something she simply says "well, I guess I don't need anything from this store." What bookstore didn't let you in? I go to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million all the time - Your mom should boycott stores that don't let you in!

    PEE ESS - Love the new background and design!

  4. I think we live with too many rules, whether we're dogs or people. If we all relaxed a little, we'd all be--a lot more relaxed. Dogs are part of people's lives. Dogs should go where people go.


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