Monday, June 22, 2009

Miracle Monday

So today I decided that I needed to dig around the junk. Little did I know, it would almost cost me my life.
So as I was saying, I went under a desk and dug around a few things. Being me, I found a little square box and chewed on it. Then little bitty blue specks of stuff flew out of the box, so I ate a lot of it. I walked away, leaving the box open. My mama soon found out the box I was chewing in was filled with rat poison. It was from a few years ago and was long forgotten. I started not being able to walk straight, and felt a little strange. What was going on? Mama was panicing and called the vet. I couldn't hear what they were saying. Panic Struck and fastly my mama put me in my doggy carier with a puppy pad because I was wobbly and throwing up everywhere. We got in the car and drove to the vet. When we arrived, I was taken in ASAP. I had to get a long tube go down my throat to help me throw it all up. Then I had to get several shots to help my blood clot more easily. I then had to keep throwing up from the tube, and it all really hurt so bad. My mama got to stay in the room to help me feel more comfortable, but it didn't help my yelping. She carresed my paw soothingly as it was done. Then, we were finished. We got some pills I have to take for 3 weeks. The poison will come out from me throwing up and my stool, and the pills help it were I don't feel any pain. We got in the car and drove back home, and I steadily threw up. I'm ok now, though I'll be throwing up and a little sore for this week and feel just a tad bit of pain. But I'd rather feel that then be dead. A miracle happened today, somehow my mama found out just in time. Thanks, god.



  2. OMD - why did you do that? Your mommy will have to be far more careful with what she leaves lying around. I hope you are feeling better and that are no lasting side effects from this horrible situation.

  3. My heart almost stopped! Poor Alexis And Smokey

  4. I love you Smokey!

    You need to be careful when you go digging around stuff... U'.'U

    I was so scared that I was going to lose you.

    I love you so much. Don't ever scare me like that again.

    Doggy Kisses,


  5. hey how do you get so popular i am a human being and i cant even get as popular as u and u r a dog?!???!?!?! lol!

  6. btw i cant even get as popular as reesekitty and shes A CAT!!!!!!!!

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog,
    thanks for visiting my blog also

  8. Oh my you is such a naughty doggy.. I used to put everything in my mouth & eats stuff when I was a pup but I'm more sensible now. No wonder your mummy rattles that noisy box! You must have made her so worried about you.


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