Sunday, June 21, 2009

Animal Slang

Ever heard of animal slang? I know when I was a new animal to Twitter and stuff I was SO confused with the way some animals talked! So here's some help on what animals mean sometimes.
BOL - Bark out loud (See picture above)
MOL - Meow Out Loud
WW - Woof Wendsday
MM - Meow Monday
Hoomanz - Humans
Dawg - Dog (Easy one)
And there's so much more! If you have any animal slang, post a comment and let's see what it is! The picture above is of me BOLing, by the way, just so you know I'm not crazy or anything..


  1. hey that pic is so funny rofl!!!!!

  2. Doh! I did fink that BOL was "barks of Love". I am so stoopid @marleyterrier


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