Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloweenie is just around the corner.

So today mom decided it was time to do a Mini "Smokey Photoshoots." She always does them of me, they look unprofessional but that's what makes them look homemade. The proffesional photoshoots are only called Smokey's Photoshoots. Anways, I did take a Mini photoshoot today and it's of me in my Halloweenie costume. Why am I calling it Halloweenie, you may ask? Well, take a look at my costume..

What a spooktacular photoshoot. What kind of costumes do you guys have? Let me know in the comment box.


  1. excellent costume my 2 leggers are dressing me as 'count pupula' BOL

  2. HAHAHAHA nice holliesdogtails

  3. You're so cute Smokey! That is a great Halloweenie costume. We were pumpkins, or as Mom says, punkins, last year. She has her eye on a bumble bee costume for Sis and a frog costume for me. We'll see about that!

    Chihuahua kisses,

  4. Mmmm, you looks good enough to nom nom Smokey!

  5. That is adorable! You make one cute Hot Dog! Is that what you are going to be for Halloween? Or do you think you will find another costume by then?


  6. Oh that's a really cute costume. You look so yum yum :)
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