Sunday, August 23, 2009

Silly Sunday - The bathroom

Today I'll be showing you the lovely room called 'The bathroom'.
Here I am getting ready to step into the sink. That's the circular thing you can take naps in and enjoy yourself with a few drops of water to drink.

Next is the torture area. That's called the tub. It's where our humans will make us sit in water and then scrub us until we sparkle like those Vampires off of Twilight or whatever. Most of us pets don't like it. Especially me.

And last but not least is the toilet. I climbed up on there all by myself today. I get a good view of everything, and it's pretty comfy. Mom wont let me get up there anymore though. She said I'm going to fall in. Anyways, the toilet is a cozy spot that you can lay and sit on if you aren't small. But if you're real big it might not be the spot for you either. Some dogs like to lick through it, I would love to try that one day but sadly I'm to little to reach and I'll fall in for sure then.

And that concludes our bathroom tour. Thank you, hope you had a good time. That'll be five bucks per person/animal please.


  1. better watch out that smokey doesnt fall in the toilet huh

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